Rachel David Professional Bio

Rachel David is a former broadcaster turned YouTube personality turned entrepreneur.  Working in the entertainment industry for over 10 years, Rachel is now taking her network of celebrities, influencers, brands, managers and agencies and bringing these worlds together.  Utilizing her connections she has the unique ability to create authentic brand campaigns combining top tier influencers with big brands such as Chevrolet, The National Film Board and TD Bank.

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Rachel is best known for hosting the Canadian entertainment show Your World This Week for Rogers on Channel 1. Rachel has interviewed countless celebrities including The Rock, Daniel Radcliffe, Eva Longoria, Gerard Butler and Jake Gyllenhaal.  That was where she started building relationships with more traditional influencers and celebrities while learning first-hand  how television networks and talent agencies operate.   Rachel has worked for Shaw, City and CBC and was one of the co-creators of the pop culture website Bestfan.com.

In 2015 Rachel took a year off to learn everything there was to know about digital content.  She travelled the world connecting and collaborating with online influencers.   She went to Youtube conventions like VidCon, Playlist Live and Buffer Festival and was given an inside look into the tight knit community of internet celebrities. During this time  she began making different styles of content for different social media platforms.  

Over that year Rachel gained her own online popularity and started doing brand deals.  Through this experience she realized a fundamental problem –  a profound communication disconnect between brands and influencers.  There were so many variables and unknowns when it came to understanding how to work with influencers.  How much do they charge?  Why do they charge that amount?  How do you even contact an influencer?  How can we create an authentic campaign that doesn’t make the creator feel like they are selling out?  

Rachel realized the brands WANTED to know the best way to work with these influencers they just didn’t know HOW to go about it.  Because of Rachel’s corporate background and the position of trust and respect she had earned with the influencers, she was in the unique position to be able to assist brands through every step of experience in a way that benefits everyone.

Marketing is an industry Rachel never intended to be involved in.  However, one day her mentor simply said “Sometimes the best coaches don’t make the best hockey players and sometimes the best hockey players make the worst coaches” Rachel’s skill set laid perfectly between creator and corporate and she realized as a coach she could help bridge the gap.

Rachel continues to make 1 video per week in order to keep her creator stripes.  She does this on top of running the business full time as it helps her understand trends that are happening in the online world first hand.

“What makes myself and Hashtag Communications does different is how we operate. 

Many influencer companies are built for scale, unfortunately I don’t believe in scale when it comes to effective influencer ambassador programs.  As a content creator turned business woman I had spent years building leverage and strong relationships with the top creators in the world from the UK to the US to of course Canada.  Because I am one of them they essentially accepted me into their “club” which has allowed me to learn everything about them and therefore craft very unique campaigns tailored to the influencers personalities…therefore making the results of the campaign more successful.  This is a people business so its my job to understand them on a human, in person level – to know that the influencer I put forward to represent a client is clean and low risk, that they enjoy over delivering and have a certain klout that can’t be measured.  This is very hard to guage through a platform.”