There are many questions surrounding influencer marketing and the ever changing digital landscape.  It has now become a necessity for marketers to understand how the influencer space operates.  Hashtag is equipped with consultants that are leaders in the space who are able to educate you. 

Because influencer marketing is so new there are many different needs from various different people and industries.  Some agencies would contract Hashtag Communications out to help them build out their pitch when incorporating influencer marketing as a service.   However in some cases consultation clients are every day people that recognize the importance of building a personal brand and want some direction.  Either way Hashtag offers an array on consultation services that can be catered to your needs. 

We offer consultations in the areas of:

Social Media Content Strategy 

Influencer Marketing

Personal Branding

Pitching An Influencer Campaign

How to set up your social networks properly

A little overview of everything.