Hashtag Communications + Chevrolet #MATUREish Campaign

Case Study

Chevrolet released the 2017 Chevy Cruze targeted at the young adult, middle class demographic.  

Initial ask:  

McCann Canada approached Hashtag to optimise existing strategy. Rachel David was chosen to be featured in the campaign.  Hashtag worked with McCann to strategically select two additional influencers.  

What Ended Up Happening:

The concept consisted of three influencers sitting in the front row at the Blue Jays game, each with the task of posting  one picture on each of their social networks with  the highest number of followers using the hashtag #MATUREish. The photo needed to include all three influencers having fun at the game, showing one of them wearing a t-shirt with the #MATURish hashtag on it. Hashtag Communications chose Jus Reign and Matthew Santoro to join based on demographic data.


JusReign was required to post 1 picture on his Instagram, Matthew Santoro was required to post one tweet, and Rachel David was required to vlog the experience and put the video on youtube and post the picture on her twitter and instagram accounts.

The campaign was forecasted to get approximately 200K impressions

What Hashtag Communications delivered:   

The influencers over-delivered by putting the pictures on every social network they had, snapchatting the whole experience and incorporating the hashtag in vlogs which then got picked up and distributed by broadcasters.  


The campaign garnered over 500,000 unique impressions

36K impressions on Youtube

15K impressions on Facebook

120K +70K + 7K impressions on Instagram

70K Impressions on Twitter

300K impressions on Snapchat

Video examples:


Jus Reign Vlog: 2:45 time mark



Rachel’s Vlog:  9:20 time mark