Here at Hashtag Communications we believe influencers are the best choice for authentically selling your product.  Influencers have build one of the most important things with their audience – trust.   Top of mind for Hashtag is we never want to jeopardize that trust that the influencer spent in some cases years to build.  We have a mandate to connect brands to the influencers that are the best fit. At Hashtag, we pride ourselves on deeply understanding the different dimensions of each influencer and matching them to the business and marketing objectives of your campaign.


We have seen first hand how events trend on twitter when influencers get involved.  This service is mainly catered towards event/ p.r agencies as it allows them to essentially add an influencer to help host, live tweet / snapchat etc and add an extra exclusivity feel to the room.


There’s a difference between production companies that specialize in movies, commercials and now…the internet!  Hashtag Communications has a boutique production company that focuses on creating content specifically for online.  Which includes shooting things a specific way so the content can be formatted properly for each social network.   


Perhaps your company would like a lunch and learn?  Maybe you’re a person who wants to become an influencer?  

In a world where digital is changing rapidly each month we have a roster of consultants who you can be paired with in order to learn and grow your business with a digital strategy.