RBC and Hashtag Communications Inc.


As part of RBC’s Canada 150 initiative RBC gave out $150.00 in select branches across Canada to kids to do something good in their community.  RBC then brought on Hashtag Communications to help them build out the influencer side of the campaign.  Hashtag Communications delivered over 200,000 in-depth, organic, unique impressions.




Between May 25 – July 1st 2017


RBC’s way of celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday and marketing their Campaign across Canada.  Hashtag Communications chose Youtube influencers because  the campaign was focused on awareness and doing good and the best way to effectively communicate to a youth audience and drive them into action is through in-depth, engaging content; which is what the Youtube platform lends itself perfectly to.  


Hashtag  found the perfect influencers that embodied diversity and are good role models for kids and gave them $150.00 to do something good in their community.  They each made a custom Youtube video for RBC with the call to action at the end encouraging their fans to Make $150 Count.


Tia Bhatia


 Sabrina Cruz

Andrew Huang

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