Born in Toronto, Canada, Victoria Baldesarra stars in the TV show “The Next Step” on the Family Channel. Playing as Michelle, the Canadian teen drama shot in a dramatic mockumentary style is a series that focuses on a group of dancers that attend The Next Step Dance Studio.

Baldesarra started dancing at the age of three, making her the perfect candidate for the role. The Toronto filmed series premiered on March 8, 2013 and is in its fourth season. The show is also shown internationally including United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Its fan base allowed the show to go on nationwide and international tours as it was the best way to connect with its audience. Baldesarra travelled on tour with her cast mates and participated in dance numbers and a question and answer period.

She currently has over 28K subscribers on YouTube with videos ranging from vlogs, challenges, and behind the scenes. Her Instagram has 383K followers with a huge engagement rate, appealing to a youth demographic. Her Facebook has over 34K followers with consistent photo posts. Her Twitter has over 35K followers with a consistent feed as well. She recalls participating in Family Fan Day as “really lucky to meet our fans in person because we seem them through social media, which is really awesome. But there’s nothing like interacting with them in person.” Baldesarra is nominated for the Fan’s Choice Award of 2017’s Canadian Screen Awards.