Stef is one of the bravest personalities on the internet.  Based in Toronto, she is a true trailblazer for the trans community on a national and international scale. Stef skyrocketed on Youtube hitting over 300K subscribers in 1 year. Stef shares her journey “not only to provide hope, information, and resources to other transgender people who want to undergo gender confirming surgeries, but also to educate anyone else who may want to be informed.”

Stef uses her Youtube channel as a platform to discuss Waardenburg Syndrome a rare genetic disorder that she has. Her video, My Face: Waardenburg Syndrome has been viewed over 6 million times, making it the most popular video on her Youtube channel. It is clear that Stef has a bubbly and outgoing personality through her Need to Giggle? Series. In these videos she collaborates with other Influencers.

Stef’s channel mainly includes videos that discuss her transitioning process such as undergoing FFS (Facial Feminization Surgery). She calls this her FFS Diaries. In these diaries, Stef easily connects with her audience because she’s so down to earth and inviting. It’s a real up close and personal look into her life as a trans woman. She’s sharing an experience that people all over the world are going through. Her channel provides this particular audience with question and answer sessions about transgender issues, her experiences, and dating as a trans woman.


Stef creates Feminizing Make-up Tutorial videos to provide transformative advice for other trans or gender non-conforming people seeking to feminize their appearance. She also creates tutorials of movie character make-up, eyebrows and era inspired looks.

Trans Education:

Stef created these videos to educate viewers on the various topics of living as a trans woman. She discusses some of the things that she had to go through such as choosing a name, voice training and telling her parents. She also spreads positivity with these videos by letting viewers know that they should ignore the haters and be proud of who they are.

Here at Hashtag Communications we work closely with Stef’s respected managers and partners at Studio 71 to bring campaigns to life.