Oh the places she’ll go! Born and raised in Brampton, Kristen Sarah has been far from home ever since she caught the travel bug. When she was 18 years old, she went to Paraguay for four months on a high school student exchange program. In 2007, Kristen won the Garfield Weston National Scholarship, giving her the opportunity to live and work for the summer at Coastal Television in Ghana, West Africa. Ever since then, her passion for travelling developed into a blog and YouTube channel called “Hopscotch The Globe.” The channel has over 110K subscribers and 18 million views, which showcases her ability to document and share her travel experiences with a dedicated audience. She describes it as an “out-of-the-box, off-the-beaten-path, travel channel.” She shares her crazy adventures from around the world, travel tips and advice, and she loves to play dress up and reenact travel stories based on true events. Her most viewed video currently details the crazy ice storm Toronto experienced back in 2013.

In 2009, HopscotchTheGlobe.com was created. Kristen wanted to share her stories, photos, and videos with her friends and family. She then started getting emails from strangers telling her that she infected them with the travel bug! This feeling strengthen her passion to be able to have a social outreach and influence to those who want to do the same thing as her. She finds this the most rewarding part of her brand. The website is described as fun, adventurous, entertaining, young, exuberant, funny, and informative. Its focus includes fun adventure travel videos hosted by Kristen and Siya, who is Kristen’s business partner/co-host/husband, written articles covering travel tips, advice, suggestions, reviews, funny and inspiring stories, and solo travel. These articles have been published on well recognized online travel outlets such as Flight Centre Canada, Travel + Escape, HostelWorld, G Adventures, and Toronto Tourism. As well as creating content for her own platforms, Kristen also creates videos for Lonely Planet and mode.com. Her videos have gone own to win several awards including Judges Choice Award at the Vloggers in Paradise Film Festival and Viewers Choice Award by Marriott Hotels. What differentiates Kristen Sarah from over travel blogs is her natural ability to perform and showcase that visually.

Kristen Sarah’s extensive travel resume details her love for travelling and performing. Her created brand continues to be the leading example for everything internationally inspired. Her goal is “to continue to create insightful, inspiring, useful and entertaining content that will influence others to travel independently and teach you exactly how to do it.” She also wants to become a globally recognized brand for adventure travel and travel inspiration. She wants to build her YouTube channel and blog together and connect with as many travel addicts. She strongly believes in having and doing whatever your heart desires. Being able to primarily live off of her brand by patterning with tourism boards and other branded products, Kristen Sarah is very selected of her partners as she needs compatibility on both ends.

Besides being a travel addict, Kristen Sarah is also an actress, dancer, and videographer. She can also speak Spanish, has a black belt in Taekwondo, and has an advanced diploma in tv and film production.

Kristen is under the umbrella of the MCN Kin Community and we work closely with the team there for any brand partnerships.