Jus Reign is one of Canada’s most beloved personalities with large audiences on Snapchat (150K per snap) , Vine (1 million followers) and Youtube (500K subs) he garners 100’s of millions of views for his comedic videos.

The answer to where you may know Jasmeet Singh, better known as Jus Reign from, can vary. Whether it is from his comedic YouTube videos or being a part of his one billion loops on Vine or his engaging Snapchats, Jus Reign has cultivated a following that deems him as one of Canada’s largest internet personalities. His comedic ways and pop culture parodies proves to entertain the masses as he has more than 800K subscribers on YouTube. His most popular videos include The Swag Song, Sh*t White Guys Say To Brown Guys, Goodbye Official Remix – D4NNY ft. Jus Reign, Bounce (ft. Timothy Delaghetto), and Desi Parents and Money.

While creating content on YouTube, Jus Reign joined Vine in 2013 during its prime. His 335 posts on Vine attracted 1.4 million followers and over 1 billion loops before the app shut down. He was in the middle of shooting a commercial for Sprite when the news broke. He says that “Vine has done a lot for me in terms of taking me to another level of my career.” His interview with Fader provided a lot of insight to how the app helped him find his audience. “It got me to rework my creative juices and tackle making content in only six seconds.” It was the first platform that he hit a million followers on and people had no idea that the creative was already making videos on YouTube since 2009. If you got to know Jus Reign from Vine, you’ll know that many of his vines went viral. Buzzfeed India has compiled a list of some of his best vines. Once you go viral on Vine, other top Viners that have gone through the same will usually take notice, collaborations form, and profiles and content flourish. Jus Reign has met some of his best friends from Vine and is glad that these relationships sustained the ultimate demise of the app and has a future with creating more content together. The joining of Vine led to the growth of his YouTube channel and explains why seeing Jus Reign on every platform makes sense.

Even though Vine has shut down, there is still YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Jus Reign is also a MUCH Digital Studios Creator. Name any video platform and you’ll see that Jus Reign has the ability to create hilarious content for it. His upbringing and South-Asian roots have provided material for the majority of his videos. What began as a niche market that he got stuck in, Vine helped him developed a wider audience, attracting all kinds of views from people that just want to see funny stuff.  Beyond the personality, Jus Reign also runs a second channel for vlogs that document his daily life and gives viewers a behind the scenes look on his creative process. The channel has 130K subscribers and is frequently updated.

Having one of Canada’s largest followings on Snapchat, you can expect the snaps that Jus Reign creates will get at least 150K views per snap. He has a channel dedicated to his snaps, calling it “a collection of the finest snapchat story art from one young beautiful ethnic gentleman.” The content ranges from his daily life, behind the scenes, comedy skits, and Punjabi version of songs. His following can find out what Jus Reign is up to at any moment.

Jus Reign has an ever growing list of credentials. He has also appeared in two movies, was the red carpet correspondent for the 2015 Much Music Video Awards, a presenter and co-host of the red carpet at the 2016 Much Music Video Awards, included in The Bay St. Bull’s Power 50 list, made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, has his own merch line, sold tickets to his own show, has a magazine cover, has consistent brand outreach, and strong working relationships with other influencers.