Wondering why that t-shirt has BACON STRIPS repeated five times on it? A mantra coined by Harley Morenstein back in 2010 has now turned into over seven million subscribers on the YouTube channel, Epic Meal Time. Known for creating extremely high-calorie meals, this channel is definitely not vegan friendly. Every week, Morenstein and his friends come together and cook up an epic meal of high proportions, literally. Their most popular videos include Fast Food Lasagna, TurBaconEpic Thanksgiving, Breakfast of Booze, Maximum Mac and Cheese, and The Sloppy Roethlisberger.  

As an OG YouTuber, Harley Morenstein and his friends turned Epic Meal Time into an epic cooking empire. The Canadian made series has evolved into several cooking segments on the channel, allowing the brand to grow and attract celebrities cameos such as Deadmau5, Riff Raff, fellow YouTubers Timothy DeLaGhetto and Hannah Hart, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The channel continues to grow with weekly posts, bringing new epic meals each time. The success of Epic Meal Time has deemed Morenstein as an influencer and has allowed him to host a television spin-off series of Epic Meal Time on FYI called Epic Meal Empire. Epic Meal Time has also worked with over 50 brand partnerships including Hormel, Wendy’s, Kraft, Bud Light, Hamburger Helper, Taco Bell Canada, Sprint, Holiday Inn, and Ubisoft’s pirate-themed Assassin’s Creed IV video game. These partnerships created more opportunities to engage with fans in bigger ways meaning bigger budget leading to bigger episode. Epic Meal Time as veterans on YouTube has a natural ability to know what brands to partner with while being mindful of what works with their fans and subscribers. The continued growth of Epic Meal Time and Harley Morenstein is evident and there is no stopping them.

He also runs his own vlog channel which has over 290K subscribers. The vlogs feature his daily life with his girlfriend, dog, and other members of Epic Meal Time. The most watched video on his channel features a sneak peak of an episode on Epic Meal Empire. Harley also runs a gaming channel called Original Gamer. The channel has 200K subscribers and over 8 million views.

His internet career has helped with his acting career as he has appeared in other YouTubers’ videos, commercials, tv shows, and films. This entire empire was built off of his friend filming him eating Wendy’s Triple Baconator and posting it to YouTube. Thousands of hits on his first video turned into millions of views with each post. This Montreal born and raised ex-high school teacher would go on to be on Forbes’ 2015 30 Under 30 – a list compiled of young people who are changing Hollywood. Harley Morenstein is described as a “CEO, brand manager, director of marketing, host and creative director all in one.” He definitely has and gets that YouTube money!

Recently Hashtag Communications worked on a BestBuy / Asus Back to school Instagram campaign that you can See Here.  Here at Hashtag we love working with Harley and his respected managers and partners at Studio 71.