Stewart AKA Brittlestar is arguably one of the coolest dads on the internet. With over 1 million followers on Vine Brittlestar has expanded his hilarious sketch comedy onto Facebook and Youtube.

Brittlestar has turned his comedic videos into a family affair. Along with his two sons Owen and Gregor, and wife  Shannon, the family has worked with companies and brands such as Disney, Subway, Wal-Mart, ESPN and many more.

He describes his videos as “irreverent family-friendly content.” That’s what makes Brittlestar and his family so entertaining to watch. They take their audience on random, hilarious adventures.

Around 500,000 people watch Brittlestar’s videos every day. His audience consists mainly of females, as they make up 61% of his views. He is also most popular among the millennial demographic, particularly between the ages of 18-24. These are demographics that many companies are eager to reach, so Brittlestar’s influence on this audience is notable. His comedic videos have been seen more than 300 MILLION times on various social media platforms.