Andrew is by far one of the most musically gifted humans on the planet. A musician, video producer and Youtube personality, he garnered a huge audience on Youtube (over 300K subscribers) through his original songs and crazy remakes of hit songs using household items.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Huang attended York University in Toronto and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He now resides in Toronto.

Before Andrew created a Youtube channel, Andrew put his songwriting skills to work and began auctioning off custom songs to the highest bidder on eBay. To Andrew’s surprise, the auctions were successful, which lead him to launch a website call Songs To Wear Pants To in 2004.” On this site, visitors were able to submit requests Huang to create songs based on personal request submitted. Fitting with Huang’s personality, the songs were often comedic.

Through all the submissions Andrew received, he ended up with a collection of self-written and produced songs. Genres ranged from electronic folk, rock, heavy metal, and hip hop.

In October of 2006, Andrew decided to make the transition to Youtube. His first uploads were fan-made music videos created for the songs from Songs To Wear Pants To.

Andrew’s Youtube has since expanded into a collection of self-written songs and music videos, covers, collaborations and music theory.

His channel is widely known for his Song Challenge series. This is where people get to see the great connection Andrew has with his supporters throughout his social media platforms. In this series, Andrew takes on musical challenges submitted by his Youtube subscribers and followers on social media.This is where viewers see Andrew create music with some unusual instrument like food and bathroom products. This can be seen in his cover of 99 Red Balloons. He actually used 4 balloons as instruments to help him create the song. Other popular uploads include Water: A Song Made Out of Water, Fast Rap: 300 Words In A Minute and 24K Magic by Bruno Mars: Played With 24 Carrots.

Andrew has done music collaborations with fellow Youtubers Hannah Hart, Hank Green and Rhett and Link. In 2008, American Express created  contest where the winner got a chance to work alongside Metric lead singer Emily Haines, to develop a music project. Andrew entered the contest and won. They created an interactive piece that was an exhibit at the Toronto Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts in 2011.

He also formed a music duo with Influencer Gunnarolla (Andrew Gunadie). In 2010, the pair produced videos and music together and created a series called We Are What You Tweet and New State Plates. Commonly referred to as “Team Andrew,” they have toured North America, Australia and New Zealand together.

Andrew is a musical genius that has shown the world the power of creativity. He continues to create musical pieces that make your jaw drop and that is why he is such a successful Influencer. Along with his amazing vocals and songwriting skills, Andrew  pushes boundaries and does the unexpected.