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4 Y’all is comprised of Brampton Brothers; Trey and Jae who have carved out a huge audience of over 500K Subscribers on their youtube channel (83+ million views). They’re very popular in urban communities for their hilarious sketch comedy videos. Each brother has huge followings and high engagement on their socials. 4Yall has definitely broadened their target audience from primarily urban communities to youth in general by creating a variety of content. Topics include : Types of People, Jamaican Skits, JaeRichards Rants, Comedy Skits and VLOGS.

Types of People:

The world is filled with billions of hilarious, diverse people and in these videos 4YallEntertainment explores that. Popular videos include 16 Types of Rappers In The Studio and 30 Types Of Ballers On The Court, which feature the Toronto Raptors.

Jamaican Skits:

Watching this videos will guarantee a stomach ache from the amount of laughter they bring. 4YallEntertainment share their Jamaican pride with the world by acting out some hilarious cultural norms. Jamaican Restaurants Never Have Food was on of their first viral videos.

4YallEntertainment has done collaborations with fellow Youtubers LaToyaForever and Rochelle Clarke, Boi1da, Toronto Raptors and King Bach.

The fact that 4YallEntertainment creates content for over 5 channels, show they have a large audience with incredibly high engagement. Some of their most popular videos on their initial channel include: Pornstars Read Mean Comments, Draw my Life – Chief Keef (Parody), and He Sleep! (Worldstar Fight).

They are two brothers that really embrace their hometown of Brampton, Ontario and also rep for Toronto. On their “Group Chat” channel, the brothers touch upon issues that young people experience in their daily lives and social circle. This channel shows that 4YallEntertainment really understands the millennial demographic. Being in their 20’s, they know what topics engage people around their age. That is why their engagement is so high: Trey and Jae talk about issues that a timely and relevant. As an Influencer, this is key to keeping your audience.

Some of the most popular videos on this channel discuss dating rules, relationship do’s and don’t’s and social media behaviour.

Watching their content, one can see that Trey and Jae truly are entertainers. Their sense of humour can be seen in every video.