Jackie Redmond


Since sports has been a love of Jackie’s ever since she was a child, so being a sports reporter is a match made in heaven to say the least. Hockey has always had a special place in her heart because it’s a love shared by all of her family. “It’s always been in my life… it represents a lot for me. It represents family and where it all started for me. Both Jackie and her sister played hockey when they were younger. It allowed her to build a strong relationship with her dad. They would bond over watching games and discussing highlights.

After going to school, she worked in radio, also doing unpaid work at the same time. In 2011, theScore held auditions for a show called Gillette Drafted: The Search for Canada’s Next Sportscaster. She ended up getting chosen to be on the show. During Jackie’s time on the competition show, her passion and talent definitely shined through. She won the competition, becoming the first female ever to do so. “Through that show, I got a one-year contract, which a lot of people look at as lucky, but I really had to work to be able to stick around.”

Rogers Sportsnet has been Jackie’s home ever since. She’s produced short form features, voices highlights and interviews numerous professional athletes. Aside from being a host on Sportsnet, Jackie has also hosted more than 5 other shows, including Hockey Central and WWE Experience. With her knowledge of the game stemming from childhood memories and quality time with family, her love for sports transcends well on TV. For Jackie, it just comes naturally.

Her authenticity and knowledge about the game is why she has such a dedicated audience. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts both have over 42, 000 followers. Many of these followers are sports lovers, further emphasizing that she is a big influencer in the sports industry. It also demonstrates the strong ability she has to reach this specific demographic.

All work and business aside, Jackie loves karaoke and rapping. She can spit a verse like no other. So it’s safe to say part-time rapper can be added to her resume!