FreshSpex and Hashtag Communications Inc.


FreshSpex wanted to drive awareness and engagement to the FreshSpex website by utilizing influencers for content and amplification. By using the hashtag #SummerFreshSpex, influencers would bring upon awareness of the products that would help complete a look for customers. By bringing on Hashtag Communications, over 585, 000 unique and in-depth impressions were delivered.  


June – July 2017




FreshSpex wanted to market and promote that the lenses and frames are great quality, and can be easily ordered online and picked up in over 170 stores across Canada. Instagram was the best way to deliver the campaign because the product is visual and the focus was e-commerce.


Hashtag Communications selected 5 influencers that perfectly embodied the campaign – helping their audience with getting a fresh new look for the summer. Each influencer promoted their FreshSpex through an Instagram post and multiple Instagram stories with how FreshSpex was able to help them achieve their personal customizations and easy ordering process. Each influencer also had their own personal discount code to share so that customers could get 20% off their purchase.


Victoria Baldesarra

Joey Kidney

Evanka Osmak

Jackie Redmond

Rachel David

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